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Why BLT?

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So why would you want to work for a Title Insurance company? Unless you're someone with oodles of experience in the Title/Escrow... or have had a great experience with us in the closing room - most folks honestly don't know exactly what a Title Insurance company does. And that's ok!

We'll let you in on a few secrets.

The most important skill set you can possess to be successful (in a lot of industries, but ours in particular) is a love of providing great customer service experiences. We can train people how to do a title search. We can explain the steps necessary to get ownership of a property transferred. What we can't do is teach people how to care.

Buying and selling a home is stressful. We need employees who understand that and seek out ways to minimize that anxiety. We want folks who sympathize. Who care. The extra five minutes you take explaining the steps necessary to get to the closing table may not be a huge deal to you... but to the stressed customers who are trying to juggle jobs, three kids, two dogs (one of whom can't seem to stop from eating socks) and a potential move - those five minutes can ease a lot of tension.

We want people who take the extra time to make sure the purchase/sale experience goes smoothly. We want folks who understand that a call back isn't an "I'll get to it" task. A quick call back can help a customer actually get some sleep that night.

Customer service is who we are. And if it's who you are - you've already met 50% of our qualifications.

The other secret about Bluegrass Land Title that not a lot of people know about is that it's actually a great place to work. Our BLT family members work hard - there's no questioning that. But they also have a great time doing it!

Positive work environments help foster positive customer experiences. We believe that. And if you come to work for us... hopefully... we'll get you to believing it, too!

DON'T SPEND ANOTHER MINUTE WORKING IN A JOB YOU HATE! Come be a part of a great team - in a great work environment - in a role that makes a difference.

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